NSW Bombala Shire Council

Contact person Mr Donald Cottee, General Manager
Contact details (02) 64583555,  council@bombala.nsw.gov.au
Council website www.bombala.nsw.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Bombala Council is a small rural council located in south eastern NSW and has a large softwood plantation estate within its area, both privately and publicly owned.  One of the major issues that is now becoming increasingly apparent is that the privately owned plantations have been located adjacent to narrow rural roads that have not been constructed to withstand the volume of traffic or the type of traffic, ie, B-double trucks that will be generated when the plantations are harvested.
The lack of planning by the NSW State Government and its failure to enact the clause in the Plantations and Reafforestation Act that requires plantation developers to make a contribution towards transport infrastructure is leading and will lead to problems for this area.
Council is not against plantation development provided it is planned properly and local communities are not left holding the burden of maintaining the transport infrastructure that is required to meet the industry’s needs at certain times in the cycle of plantation harvesting.

NSW Kyogle Shire Council

Contact person Cr Lindsay Passfield and Cr Ernie Bennett
Contact details council@kyogle.nsw.gov.au
Council website www.kyogle.nsw.gov.au
NTCT related projects Conducting in-house familiarisation tour of Southern NSW Timber Industry.
Issues or thoughts Looking for value adding opportunities for our local government area.

NSW Oberon Shire Council

Contact person Cr Keith Sullivan
Contact details 02 6329 8100,  council@oberon.nsw.gov.au
Council website www.oberon.nsw.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available

NSW Tumbarumba Shire Council

Contact person Mayor Councillor Ian Chaffey
Contact details Not available
Council website www.tumbashire.nsw.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available

NSW Tumut Shire Council

Contact person Bob Stewart
Contact details admin@tumut.nsw.gov.au
Council website www.tumut.nsw.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available

NSW Walcha Shire Council

Contact person Jack O’Hara
Contact details 0427 772 086,  johara@walcha.nsw.gov.au
Council website www.walcha.nsw.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts The Community is still attempting to overcome the closure of the Boral Mill

TAS Dorset Shire Council

Contact person John Martin
Contact details 0363 526 500,  john.martin@dorset.tas.gov.au
Council website www.dorset.tas.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available

VIC Alpine Shire Council

Contact person Cr Jan Vonarx
Contact details janv@alpineshire.vic.gov.au
Council website www.alpineshire.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts It is a critical time for forestry in the Alpine area as the industry repositions itself. A large mill in Myrtleford is considering its forward options.

VIC East Gippsland Shire Council

Contact person Steve Kozlowski
Contact details 03 5153 9500,  Stevek01@egipps.vic.gov.au
Council website www.egipps.vic.gov.auwww.discovereastgippsland.com.au
NTCT related projects East Gippsland has received funding from the Timber Industry Road Evaluation Study to upgrade timber impacted roads throughout the council.
Issues or thoughts Not available

VIC Glenelg Shire Council

Contact person Syd Deam
Contact details (03) 5522 2200,  sdeam@glenelg.vic.gov.au
Council website www.glenelg.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects Glenelg Shire is situated in the heart of Victoria’s Green Triangle and the Port of Portland is the international gateway for the Green Triangle. Economic opportunities are immense with the future Blue Gum harvest.
Issues or thoughts Glenelg Shire Council and the Port of Portland are very positive on the huge economic benefits that will flow from increased forestry projects.

VIC Golden Plains Shire Council

Contact person Cr Jenny Blake
Contact details 0417 513 271,  Jennyblake1@bigpond.com
Council website www.goldenplains.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects Golden Plains Shire has two routes projects which form strategic regional timber transportation routes. The Buninyong-Mt Mercer Road and the Dereel-Mt Mercer Road routes provide connection from the forest areas in the Garibaldi district accessing mills at Ballarat and Colac together with the port services at Geelong.
Issues or thoughts Golden Plains Shire fully supports the Timber industry activities with the NTCT. The main issue is the need to upgrade several regional routes on local roads used by the timber industry to transport products from within the Shire to Ballarat, Geelong and Colac for processing.

VIC Latrobe City Council

Contact person Cr Bruce Lougheed
Contact details 1300 367 700  brucelo@latrobe.vic.gov.au
Council website www.latrobe.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available

VIC Moorabool Shire Council

Contact person Cr Tom Sullivan
Contact details (03) 53 689 757,  tsullivan@moorabool.vic.gov.au
Council website http://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Moorabool Shire struggles to provide the resources to adequately monitor the operations of the private forestry

VIC Murrindindi Shire Council

Contact person Cr John Walsh
Contact details jwalsh@murrindindi.vic.gov.au
Council website http://www.murrindindi.vic.gov.au/
NTCT related projects Bushfire related issues
Issues or thoughts Black Saturday has had a dramatic impact on Murrindindi Shire. Our current focus is on recovery and reconstruction of the council

VIC Pyrenees Shire Council

Contact person
Contact details
Council website
NTCT related projects
Issues or thoughts

VIC Southern Grampians Shire Council

Contact person Lyle Tune
Contact details (03) 5573 0412,  ltune@sthgrampians.vic.gov.au
Council website www.sthgrampians.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts The Southern Grampians Shire  has  a large plantation timber estate

VIC Wellington Shire Council

Contact person Cr Malcolm Hole
Contact details 0408 541 746,  Malcolm.hole@wellingon.vic.gov.au
Council website www.wellington.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available

VIC West Wimmera Shire Council

Contact person Colin Mibus, Director Municipal Services
Contact details (03) 5585 9903,  dms@westwimmera.vic.gov.au
Council website www.westwimmera.vic.gov.au
NTCT related projects West Wimmera Shire Council has been able to access significant roads funds, both for timber roads and roads to market, which has provided a significant boost for our infrastructure program.
Issues or thoughts Our shire has significant tracks of blue gum plantations formerly owned by Timbercorp and Great Southern. These plantations will present us with difficulties if not properly managed. Of growing concern is the proposed CPRS and the proposition that farmland be used to plant these trees on it. This will be at the cost of productive agriculture and will mean shires are nurseries for vast tracks of unmanaged trees that will be around for at least 100 years. This will lead to higher fire risks and loss of population.
Generally council supports all forms of agricultural pursuits, provided it is sustainable.

WA Shire of Cranbrook

Contact person Anthony Middleton
Contact details 08 9826 2209  ceo@cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Council website www.cranbrook.wa.gov.au
NTCT related projects Not available
Issues or thoughts Not available